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A Little History Of Milton Keynes

In the 1960s, the British government decided that a further generation of new towns in the South-East of England was required to relieve housing congestion in London.

During the 1950s, overspill housing for a number of London boroughs had been built in Bletchley.

Further research during the era identified north Buckinghamshire as a potential site for a new town, which would encompass the existing towns of Bletchley, Stony Stratford and Wolverton.

The planned New Town (informally referred to as the “New City”) was to be the largest of its kind with a planned population of 250,000, which were to be housed in an area of 34.1 square Miles.

The name “Milton Keynes” was obtained from the current village of Milton Keynes which was situated on the proposed building site.

The plan was that Milton Keynes would become a self sustaining community and eventually achieve the status of becoming a major regional centre.

Planning control was handed over to the Milton Keynes Development Corporation, this control having previously been handled by elected local authorities.

The Corporation was determined to learn from the mistakes and blunders of other New Towns and set about making Milton Keynes different, as well as being a town that people would enjoy living in.

Characteristic grid roads that run between districts were created and an intensive tree and shrub planting campaign was launched too. Lakes and parkland were created to enhance the overall look of the area.

Central Milton Keynes was never designed or envisaged as a standard, everyday town centre, where a visitor would be hard pushed to tell where they were, but was intended by the Corporation to eventually contain a wide array of businesses and also a large diversity of housing designs.

Milton Keynes is the largest and almost the last of the British New Towns and has stood the test of time far better than most.

Visitors will note that unlike the majority of other towns and cities in the U.K. which contain road signs which direct visitors and residents to their respective ‘Town’ or ‘City Centre’ – in Milton Keynes, signs refer instead to “Central Milton Keynes” or “Shopping.”